If Plato was a sportsman, Mimèsis 1.2

5’10’’ – 2017

“Yes, he said, I am quite aware that the mere athlete becomes too much of a savage, and that the mere musician is melted and softened beyond what is good for him.” (Plato, The Republic, Book III, 410 d.)

For Plato, performance cannot be the only intended goal of a sporting activity. The idea of performance in its purest form is reached when the athlete is experiencing flow also called being in the zone. Can this state of optimal concentration while performing an activity, sought by any high-level athlete, challenge the thoughts of one of ancient Greece’s greatest philosophers ?

If Plato was a sportsman, Mimèsis 1.2 shows on video the construction of the project, the early stages of the meeting between Plato, the psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi and myself.
This work constitutes the genesis of my thesis.