Alexandre Garcìa & Théo Hanosset, Documentary film
26’57’’ – 2017

In Grand-Bassam, Ivorian youngsters discover rugby for educational purposes after being placed in a social rehabilitation centres by the courts. In a timeless setting, cut off from the outside world, the contact between the centre’s residents and the student-directors gives way to mutual fascination. In front or behind the camera, “Finir par devenir”, turns into the motto that motivates all the participants in DJIDJI.

Directing : Alexandre Garcìa, Théo Hanosset
Editing : Charlotte Bouché, Fanny Klingler
Images /sounds : Alexandre Garcìa, Théo Hanosset
Mixing : Owen Rose
Credits : Mathieu Georis
Supervision : Christian Châtel

DJIDJI, Alexandre Garcìa & Théo Hanosset, documentary film, 2017