Everything around us is obliterated


In Your ego is erased (sound piece), flow is presented as the most beautiful experience for an athlete since it fills the person with intense happiness. The audience discovers the subject in a more documentary form : the story and the words of the cyclists define what flow is. Once this portrait has been drawn up, any artwork that proposes to the public to get physically involved is in a delicate position. Spectators would expect to experience flow or a state that is close to it. However, since flow cannot be achieved on commission, I cannot offer them such an experience. Therefore, their expectations would be too high and lead to disappointment.

Everything around us is obliterated is a large-scale wooden box containing a bicycle welded to the walls. Its human dimensions suggest its use and movement despite the fact that it is immobile. The impossibility to ride it creates a frustration in the viewer’s imagination that completes his representation of flow.
« If I tried the bicycle box, what would happen? »

So my third piece works as a collage with the other two. It crystallises the imbalance between documentary and immersive work. While bringing a burlesque side, this sculpture refers to a desperate attempt to bring flow to life.