Your ego is erased

Installation – Sound Piece
11’36’’ – 2020

Your ego is erased, sound piece, extract, 2020

Inside a wooden spiral that plunges us into darkness, two cyclists tell us about their optimal experiences. During these few seconds of intense concentration, the velodrome disappears and time is altered.

As soon as an athlete performs in front of a (televised) audience, the audience creates a meta-identity that we call the (televised) athletic body. In order to understand what happens in the head of an athlete during the flow, it seemed important to me to scratch the surface, to go beyond this sports-body, to avoid the distance imposed by any televised representation. This is why my two works Your ego is erased and It’s smooth respectively separate sound from image.

With Your ego is erased, the subjectivity of the cyclists I met in my interviews is brought to the fore. Language is essential here since any scientific study on flow is based on the performance of a sportsman or woman, which he himself will describe and quantify. This first step seemed essential to me in order to approach flow as a subject and to propose an open reading of it to the public before focusing on the involvement of the spectator’s physical effort.